Wound Filter Cartridges

Wound Filter Cartridges are made up of polypropylene fibers and are designed to meet the most demanding filtration duties. They are manufactured using a high speed, continuous wind process which creates a superior one-piece filter with hundreds of diamond-shaped tunnels that create depth filtration from the outer to the inner core. These cartridges are appreciated due to its high dirt holding capacity and its construction which allows facing various applications. Fluid flows from outside to inside through filter media and the particulates are held securely in the filter matrix.


- Available in all micron rating from 1 to 100 micron.
- High dirt holding capacity
- Can handle wide range of fluids
- Excellent flow and low pressure drop
- Good fitment as it fits all the standard Housings.


Material: - Polypropylene
Core: - Polypropylene, Stainless Steel
Micron Rating: - 1,5,10,20,25,50,100 micron
Outside Diameter: - 65 mm
Inside Diameter: - 28 mm
Length: - 10", 20", 30", 40" Long
Maximum Operating Temperature: - 110 Deg C


- Double Open Type (DOE Type)
- Code 7S (226 O Ring Design/Bayonet)
- Code 7F (226 O Ring/Flat)
- Code 3S (222 O Ring/Bayonet)
- Code 3F (222 O Ring/Flat)


- Pre filter for ultra pure water
- Filter for mineral water, wines and fruit juice,etc
- Filtration for Acids
- Portable liquids
- Animal and vegetable oils
- Paints and Coatings

Wound Filter Cartridges